FAQs about Shanghai Lhasa Flight

Tourists can fly to Tibet from Shanghai to start the Tibet trip.

Located in east China, Shanghai is China’s center of science and technology, trade, information, finance, and shipping. And, Shanghai is also a modern metropolis in China. With its special advantages, many foreign tourists who want to visit Tibet choose to enter the Chinese mainland from Shanghai. Then tourists can fly to Tibet from Shanghai to start the Tibet trip.

Currently, there is one direct flight to Tibet from Shanghai which goes via Xian from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It takes about 8 hours for the flight in which about 1 hour is for a stopover in Xian. And, there is another one direct flight to Tibet from Shanghai which goes via Chengdu from Hongqiao International Airport. It takes about 7 hours and 40 minutes. Of course, there are also some connecting flights from Shanghai to Lhasa, which need to be transferred in Xian, Chongqing. If you want to travel to Tibet from Shanghai, you can get some the newest flight information from Shanghai to Lhasa online.

There are some the most frequency ask questions about Shanghai Lhasa flight:

  1. How can I get the flight information from Shanghai to Lhasa?

You can search for the latest flight information from Shanghai to Lhasa on the Internet by yourself. You can also find a reliable travel agency, the travel agency will provide the flight information for you according to your needs. Here to recommend you a Tibet local reliable travel agency, Great Tibet Tibet.

  1. When is the best time to fly from Shanghai to Lhasa?

If you want to buy a flight ticket from Shanghai to Lhasa for less money, you’d better buy it during the low season of Tibet tourism. Generally speaking, the peak reason of Tibet tourism is from April to October in while many tourists travel to Tibet. So, the airfares will relatively be higher. If you travel to Tibet in low seasons, you can get a discount flight.

  1. What is the luggage allowance for flights from Shanghai to Lhasa?

In accordance with the relevant provisions, the free luggage allowance is 40kg for first class, 30 kg for business class, and 20 kg for economic class; the carry-on baggage should be less than 10kg with the volume of 20x40x55cm, except for first class passengers, each passenger can only take one piece of baggage with them on board; each piece of the check-in luggage should be no more than 50kg within the volume of 40x60x100cm.

  1. Which airport does the flight from Shanghai to Tibet land in Tibet?

Whether you depart from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport or Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Tibet, you will land at Lhasa Gonggar International Airport, one of the most important airports in Tibet. And it’s easy to get to downtown Lhasa from the Lhasa Gonggar International Airport.

  1. What are the travel documents required when flying to Lhasa from Shanghai?

If you are a foreign tourist, you must have your passport, Chinese Visa, and original Tibet Travel Permit before boarding the flight to Tibet from Shanghai. You can’t board a flight to Tibet without one of them. And, the Tibet Travel Permit only through Tibet local travel agencies to help you apply.

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